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At the risk of breaking the prime directive of maintaining a serene level of boredom on this web site it has been suggested that there should be a page indicating if anything ever gets added, or removed or of any other event that breaches normal boredom levels. This is where such events will appear, those with a weak constitution may wish never to visit this page again.    
December 2022 The Neilston Webcam 2023 Calendar is now available for download.
February 2022 The Live weather option is hopefully working again after a problem has been sorted.
Nothing much happened, apart from Covid 19.
February 2019 A new video album has been added to the photogallery. This will show short video clips taken by a new MeteorCam which watches the night sky looking for Meteors. I have also converted the existing video in the gallery to MP4 so it will play in modern browsers.
January 2019 The Birdbath Camera has been updated to a new HD camera that gives much better picture quality. For a higher video frame rate use the Live Stream option on the Birdbath page (requires HTML5 compatible Browser). There is also an archive of still images taken in the last 48hrs when movement is detected.
Nothing much happened, other than the bins being emptied
November 2016 The Birdbath camera has been updated to new capture card due to a Windows 10 update breaking the USB drivers for the old capture device, thanks a lot Microsoft!
March 2015

The weather station solar radiation detector records the partial Solar Eclipse on 20th March. The dip at the arrow shows the sun light level falling and rising before and after the eclipse with the peak around 9:30am

January 2015 Over the Christmas period the website has been migrated over to a new server with much more room for the photogallery, there is now about 40Gb of space to fill, I hope it lasts a while.
August 2014 The Birdbath Cam is once again working properly including giving a picture at night, watch out for the mice and cats!
December 2013 On the 5th of December the Neilston Webcam Weather Station recorded a gust of 52mph, beating the previous all time high of January 2012 by 1mph.
August 2013
Rumours that the reason the birdbath is no longer illuminated at night is because I haven't paid my electricity bill are completely unfounded.
February 2012
A new locally hosted guest book has been installed due to the host of the previous version closing. Unfortunately all the previous 6 or 7 years worth of comments are lost.
January 2012
On the 3rd of January the Neilston weather station records a wind gust of 51mph, not exactly of biblical proportions, but still a record high for the 10 years that data has been collected here.
February 2011
February the 24th saw the 200,000th visitor stumble across the web site. This particular web surfer was from Florida and was presumably looking for a break in the monotony of blue sky and sunny weather.
May 2010
  The Hedge is Dead!
    The hedge is dead   The winter of 2009/10 saw the demise of the hedge due to frost damage, it was getting too big anyway......  
    Long live the hedge
  Long live the Hedge!    
After much digging and many car loads full of old hedge a new box hedge takes its place, this one is going to stay small..... probably.  
April 2010
New archive area now available, see what you've missed on the webcam. Watch a whole year in 5 minutes, more excitement than you could ever dream of on the Neilston WebCam.
October 2009
The 2000th picture has been added to the Photo Gallery
May 2009
The web site has a new address! Please update your bookmarks and favourites to this address  
January 2009
The Neilston Webcam enters its 10th year of operation, nobody notices.
Nothing happened
December 2007
The birdbath camera has been changed for an infra red version that gives a picture at night. Not many birds to see but watch out for the mice and cats.
September 2007
The Neilston Webcam was Steve Wright's Webcam of the day on the 14th of September. Luckily Steve was on holiday that week and someone else was doing his show, so I don't feel so bad. Love the show though :-)
August 2007
The entire web site gets a complete make over. Its only taken about 6 years to get round to it. Planning is already under way for the next face lift, expected to take place some time in the next decade.
A new video album has been added to the Photo Gallery. I've started it off with clips from old cine film taken in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. Nostalgia just isn't what it used to be.
June 2007
April 2007
Infamy, infamy, they've all got it infamy. An unexpected boost in visitors was received due to this article in the Grauniad. It seems the webcam isn't very high on the boredom table. hodit & dodit

Apparently, it was also mentioned in dispatches in a Rupert Murdoch owned London broadsheet. But by the time the stage coach bring the papers up from London to Neilston they are old news.

Hodit & Dodit's big day out in Neilston

As if to prove that few journalists often come up with a story of their own, a Glasgow tabloid newspaper then sent out an intrepid reporter. They travel in pairs though, one to hold the camera and the other to hold the pencil and jotter. The illustrious duo can be seen on the right as they cover this major breaking news story. It seems that eventually the tranquility got to them and they left to return to the bright lights and tall buildings of the great metropolis we know as Glasgow.

"La Webcam de Neilston" also got a mention on the Radio France website. Since it would breach the prime directive of maintaining a serene level of boredom on the website I was forced to decline to participate in a slot done by Ireland's RTE Radio 1 Drivetime with Dave show.

This is all way too much excitement.

Meanwhile...... the grass continued to grow and the bins were emptied as usual.

February 2007
BirdbathCam makes its debut, no guarantee of any activity though. Apart from the live view it takes a picture when it sees any movement, which includes shadows unfortunately.
January 2007
The 100,000th surfer visits the Website on the 17th of January. The honour appears to go to someone working with Dundee Council, far be it from me to suggest a councillor might be someone who'd have plenty time on their hands during working hours.
October 2006
The 1000th picture is added to the Photogallery. There are now over 500Mb photographs on line.
April 2006
The Photogallery has moved to a new domain and web host, please update any links you have. This has come about to due problems with the current web hosting service (prowebspace and associates for those that want to know). The gallery is as it was but the domain is now rather than the .com flavour. Now that its done I will return to adding new photos at regular intervals.  
November 2005
Local and national Mesomap added to weather page.
June 2005
Coppermine Photogallery updated to latest version. There are only minor differences that users will notice. You now get the choice of picking many languages, personally I find Japanese and Arabic the least helpful but the most aesthetically pleasing. Also, the Real Time option has been removed from the Weather menu, this has long since been superceded by the Live Weather option. If anyone still uses the client it will continue to work though.
February 2005
The 50,000th surfer visits the Website on the 18th of February. The honour goes to someone from Canada, the level of boredom achieved is unknown.  
October 2004
500th picture added to the Photogallery, quantity rather than quality.
April 2004
Weather pages updated, live weather data now available for browsers with Macromedia Flash.
Marchl 2004
Solar radiation detector added to weather station, I don't expect this to wear out very quickly.  
  After 2 years of procrastination I've got round to finding a new Host for the photogallery. The new Neilston WebCam Photogallery is now taking shape and more pictures will be added over the coming months.  
February 2004
December 2003
  Mystery Cult Webmaster spotted on national television. Mystery Cult webmaster  
November 2003

National Tabloid Newspaper declares web site has become a cult. Local tabloid newspaper calls webmaster the 'mystery man'

October 2003
An experimental streaming view was added but due to the frenzied level of excitement this induced in visitors it was decided to remove it in the interests of public health. Confused surfers claimed one minute there was nothing then after as little as a days wait there might be a car. One dedicated surfer claimed to have seen at least two people in a 3 week constant vigil, medication is now said to be helping to return this surfer to their senses.
June 2002
Weather station added.
Longer Ago
I can't remember.
Last Century
The Neilston Webcam goes on line, for no particularly good reason.
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