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The 2021 Neilston WebCam Calendar

This is a 'do it yourself' Calendar for those who like a challenge. The files are in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format which means you must have the latest Adobe Reader to be able to print the Calendar. You can always get the latest free reader here.

This year there are two calendars to choose from. Calendar 1 has views around Ayrshire, Skye, Stirlingshire, Scottish Borders and Sutherland. Calendar 2 is a collection of Vehicles, Boats, Trains and Planes taken around the UK over the last decade or more.

All photographs remain copyright but can be freely used for non-commercial purposes. For any other usage please contact the webmaster by leaving a private message in the guestbook..

  For best results the photographs should be printed on glossy paper, there are 12 A4 landscape photos and 12 A4 landscape month pages to go with them but these can be printed on paper.    
To download  calendar 1 click here The 2021 Neilston Webcam Calendar 1.pdf  (8Mb)

Sample calendar 1  images   2021  Calendar 1 pictures .pdf (0.5Mb)

To download  calendar 2 click here The 2020 Neilston Webcam Calendar 2 .pdf  (8Mb)

Sample calendar 2  images   2021  Calendar 2 pictures .pdf  (0.5Mb)
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